Alternative Cancer Care

Recently Dr. Al Sears, Royal Palm Beach Florida Wrote

It’s downright terrifying to hear the words “you have cancer.” We counted on modern medicine to save us.

But mainstream medicine’s latest “big news” in cancer research is a blood test that reveals if you have cancer three to 12 months earlier.

Researchers call it the “most exciting” cancer news in 35 years.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m grateful for ANY research into this disease.

But the standard cancer treatment is still chemotherapy. The same treatment that’s been used for 75 years!

Oncologists don’t want to stop prescribing chemo… Chemotherapy drugs make cancer doctors very rich.

Oncologists buy chemotherapy drugs at wholesale prices. And sell them to cancer patients at a huge markup.

They’re the only specialists allowed to profit from the sale of a drug. They depend on that money. Chemo drugs make up about two-thirds of cancer doctors’ incomes!
And that makes them the last people to want a natural cure…

My friends at The Institute for Natural Healing have uncovered important information about a resistance movement among cancer doctors that’s turning the field of oncology upside down.

These brave researchers are coming out of the shadows to shed light on a 100% natural cancer treatment with a proven 96% cure rate for certain patients.

A cure that the government has tried to hide for the past 40 years.

For more information about this natural cancer treatment, click on this important message from my friends at The Institute for Natural Healing.

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