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First off I would like to clear up one thing.  My heading Legal Marijuana is just a come-on.  It is legal hemp which is the same plant as Mary Jane.

I have written this blog to promote good health to my friends and family. Over the years I have been subject to periods of anxiety. Sometimes I have a hard time going to sleep at night and when I do I wake up two or three times worrying about something I could not do anything about at that hour of the night. Many mornings I would wake up at 3 or 4 AM never go back to sleep. While browsing the internet, I stumbled across an ad promoting CBD “Cannabidiol”. At first, I was very wary of the product because it is extracted from hemp and marijuana is hemp.

My research revealed that all the halogens (THC) had been refined out of the hemp and the only thing left was the healing propensities of this ancient healing plant. The ad said that CBD could care many health problems and help promote a positive attitude. Being a firm believer in alternative health issues, I simply had to give it a try. While I had my doubts, I was pleasantly surprised that on the very first night I sleep the whole night through and woke up with a bright attitude. I have been using it or several weeks now and feel it has been a great help to me.

Based on research I have determined that CBD has been tested by highly respected medical schools and found to cure many of mankind’s worse aliments. This coincides with statements in the bible that God provided cures for all of man’s aliment when he created the heavens and earth. It is my opinion that further development of this plant will become a cure for cancer. Right now it has been found to provide some relief for those undergoing chemo therapy and radiation treatment.

I have joined CBDbiocare as an affiliate selling their product on line. This is a recently organized Florida company that purchases their hemp from a government approved farm in Kentucky. I feel this is important in that some of the imported CBD has been found to not full strength or possibly even toxic.

I would like to invite you to purchase and use the fantastic supplement, I do not believe you will regret your purchase. Also consider join me in promoting this great supplement on Facebook. You can become an affiliate for free, but for $49.00 per year they will furnish you with a web page like the one you are presently on.

I am a firm believer in alternative medicine and also promote health supplements developed by Dr. Al Sears who is an expert on anti-aging developed supplements which helps one compensate with ageing problems such as weight gain/loss, joint pains and energy. Visit his site for some suburb good health products.

27 thoughts on “Cure Anxiety

  1. Nice Article! I never heard of CBD but, I have now learned that it is a great health supplement, which sounds great! I will also look into the affiliate program that you have mentioned but, I have one question, is Facebook, the only place to promote this supplement? or is it just the preferred place to promote? and as a newbie like myself, is training provided? because I am not familiar with CBD but, I am always looking for ways to generate an income. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Garen

    I have had problems with anxiety off and on for 5 years or so. For me, I haven’t had any luck with marijuana. In fact, it seems to make my anxiety worse. But, I haven’t heard of CBD. Is there a correct dosage for taking it?

    1. admin

      I am new to CBD but I can tell you it has been a great help to me. As an affiliate you can create a team the promote it on the web and social media. visit and explore the affiliate options. As the public becomes aware of this product the market is going to explode.

  3. Hello Ray,
    Thanks for this informative article, I had no idea what CBD stood for (except for Central Business District! ) and this is new to me. I totally agree with alternative health care options and truly believe that if man/woman could truly use the bounty that God & Creation have given us on this earth we would be by far in happier and in better health!
    Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies keep on monopolizing the population, wanting us to be sick and reliant on them!
    Thanks for this information and I look forward to read more from you.
    All the best, Orion

    1. admin

      I am trying to build a team of affiliated CBdID bio care is a great group on internet marketers much link WA. The free set up is simply that. I did the $49.00 that included a hosted web site that they maintain. This is going to me something that will really help people, which I want to do. I have been in the program only a month am seeing renewals.

      Best wishes for your web site success. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Kevon

    Coming from the Caribbean I have seen first hand how medical hemp (aka marijuana) can cure and care for many issues in the human body, not just anxiety. I know of a couple cases where people were using it to deal with cancer, both cases drank it as a tea. Apparently, marijuana is claimed to help with physical pain associated with cancer but ti also helps promote general well-being throughout the body. The side effects of feeling high might have been a good thing for some. But if you say that CDB removes the chemicals that causes you to feel high then maybe people won’t have a negative perception of the drug, after all.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. admin

      I have had good response to this product. Helped my with my anxiety about things that I worried needlessly about.

      Log on to my site and join the affiliate program. You want regret it.

    2. admin

      Check out the affiliate program. May not be available where you are But if it is please team up with me.

      Merry Christmas

  5. Hey,

    I can relate so much to your article! You should think about promoting a younger audience. Mellenials tend to have higher cases of anxiety! I’m familiar with CBD, but not an expert.

    How is the CBD extracted from the marijana or THC?

    1. admin

      Thanks for your comment Kevin. If you will follow this link to my web page all of your questions will be answered. I recently joined the affiliate program and have already had repeat orders. You could promote to that young audience.

  6. Hi Ray,
    I learned that the government outlawed Kemp and back in the 1800’s and earlier it was used fr making ropes to clothing. They also burned it outside. I know the benefits of medical marijuana are good not overdosing and no I cannot use it because I drive a lot. Bit I have a son that needed it though doesn’t live with me and it sure helps his anxiety. Personally speaking and from studies of both Kemp and marijuana (which I am dusty on since its been years since I’ve looked this up) I believe strongly the old governments outlawed hemp because of its medicinal purposes to promote …well we know the story of prescription drugs. Of course Aspirin is a miracle drug. Lol :)))//
    Anyways I’m pleased as punch at the turn of events. Seems the new fangled hemp CBD is an answer to prayer and many times I have supported the legalization of marijuana. There is something to be said about the business side of this and I believe you are correct. I will look further into it. Living in Arizona I don’t know what the laws would be we are legal for medical marijuana and if this is cleaned up then could be an area to pursue in the current affiliate field. Thank you for the information and links. I will go to it and read more.

    1. admin

      CBD is legal in all states. Wish you would affiliate with me and sell it on FB. You can sign up free of they will design a web site for you for 49 per year. Commission is 20%.

    2. admin

      It has been a real help to me with my anxiety. I wish you would visit and sign up to help me sell.

  7. Sorry auto correct doesn’t like the word hemp

      1. admin

        If there is anything I can help you with just let me know. Thanks for the visit.

    1. admin

      It is legal in the USA

  8. Hello,

    I already use cannabis supplements made for pets for my cat. It helps his digestive issues. I am sure the benefits to people are great and have heard many good things about non-THC cannabis. Good luck to you.

    1. admin

      I really like the folks that sell CBD. They remind me of WA. Thanks for your input.

  9. Greg

    In Australia, legislation is being drafted to use medicinal cannabis for people with serious conditions. As yet cannabis supplements have not been approved for use here. Apparently they can make quite a difference in the quality of life for a lot of people.

    1. RayBrannum

      The powers that control need to know the true benefits of CBD, then they would make it completely legal. It is amazing that anyone would consider this product illegal.

  10. Hello Ray, I took you up on visiting your website and I’m glad I did. Lately, I have heard a lot of talk about the benefits of CBD and thought to myself if this would help with anxiety disorder. To my relief, you have this great article about its benefits and I’m so excited to try it out. Hopefully I can eliminate some of my meds.

  11. RayBrannum

    Log in to my page and get a 5% discount. Also consider becoming an affiliate. This is a really good start up company. Thanks for the friendship please keep in touch.

  12. This is a great article. I was first introduced to CBD a few months ago by a friend of mine. I have since used it for anxiety as well as for weight loss. It is a great product all around. In reading and talking to people, I find there is still a lot of myths around CBD oil. People sometimes think because there is THC in some CBD oil products, it’s going to give you the same effect as “getting high” and that is not the case. There is such a small amount of it in the product, it doesn’t give your body the same effect.

    Once again, great article, Ray. Keep up the great work.


    1. RayBrannum

      Become an affiliate of They are the best.

  13. Log in to my page and get a 5% discount. Also consider becoming an affiliate. This is a really good start up company. Thanks for the friendship please keep in touch.

    1. RayBrannum

      Thanks for the note. Do affiliate with

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