Privacy Policy

Our website understands the importance of its users’ privacy.This is our privacy policy that together with our terms and conditions of use constitute Ray Brannum’s relationship with you in relation to this website.

Collected Information

*       All and every personal information concerning our website’s visitors is collected with the sole purpose of customizing their user experience and for statistical matters.

*       We assure total confidentiality of the collected data. That will never be sold or shown to third parties, whether those third parties are companies or individuals. Simultaneously, this data will be treated in a global manner and not individually by our stats system that is solely used to inform us of how many visits our website had and what were its most visited pages.


*       To support our management expenses, our website displays ads from several sources and sponsors.

*       Like in any other website, this type of advertising collects and utilizes personal data in order to customize shown ads. The collected data includes but it is not limited to: IP address, ISP, browser, geolocation, visit duration, pages visited in our website.

Cookie DoubleClick Dart

*       To display its ads, Google AdSense places cookies and / or web beacons in users’ computers. Cookies are pieces of information composed of key-value pairs, required to optimize user experience.

*       Google’s DoubleClick Dart Cookie records users visiting history and interests in the World Wide Web’s websites allowing its AdSense ads to reflect the interests of visitors. E.g.: if you visited a site about shoes it is probable that when you visit a different website you’ll see shoe related advertising.

*       You may turn off the collecting of information or modify Google AdSense ads settings clicking on the respective icons located in the upper right corner of those ads.

External Links

*       Our website contains links to other sites. We suggest that you read their own privacy policy because theirs concerns to them so does their own content.

Privacy Policy Acceptance

*       By using and visiting our website you are accepting its privacy policy. We reserve ourselves the right to change the present privacy policy at any time and without prior notice. Therefore, we suggest that you visit it regularly to stay informed of eventual alterations.

We thank you for your attention and wish you a pleasant visit to our website and that you enjoy its content.