Jeanine and RayThanks for visiting my site. I developed this site to acquaint you with me – Ray Brannum and Brannum Real Estate, 205 Gunter Avenue, Guntersville, Alabama 35976. I have been married to Jeanine for over 67 years. we have four children, Teressa Marson, John Brannum, Norma Kate Wolford and George Brannum. Jeanine and I have 9 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. I enjoy my work and Jeanine and I work together each day. We plan on working until the Master calls us home.

I specialize in appraising commercial real estate and marketing investment properties. As a hobby I develop web sites where I sell health supplements and promote good real estate buys. Join me in selling health supplements through Dr. Al Sears and CBDbiocare. I have a team which makes a 20% commission on individual sales and can also establish their own team and earn 10% of their team sales. Both sites are free to join, but CBD has three or four options including a web site.

I do not appraise or sell residential properties because I must use a walker and it is impossible for me to get upstairs. I use a walker and electric tricycle to get around commercial properties. My tricycle is foldable, and I recommend it highly to anyone who has any problem getting around. If you are interested in one click here to visit their web site. It is really a neat little tricycle that will support a rider up to 250 pounds.

To learn internet marketing at a company that is completely honest with no up sales or other questionable practices visit my site good at home work and follow the links to Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to join, but the learning experience is so in creditable that you will want to become a premium member which is very affordable. If you have any interest in internet marketing, this site could be a life changer.

I have been a real estate broker (Realtor) and appraiser for over 40 years. I have an office at 205 Gunter Avenue, Guntersville, Alabama 35976. I am the qualifying broker, but my son, John Brannum manages the real estate company. For real estate assistance call John Brannum at 256 572 7436. For appraisal assistance call my cell phone 256 572 1565.

For the past 40 odd years, I have dedicated my time to appraising commercial real estate. Since the initiation of the Alabama Appraiser’s License Board I have been licensed as a Certified General Appraiser. I have experience in all types of retail, commercial, industrial, income and agricultural properties. My youngest son George V. Brannum, who is a Certified Residential Appraiser assist me in the measurement and research of the various commercial properties.

My primary territory is property located in North Alabama, anything north of Birmingham. If necessary, I can appraise properties in South Alabama or adjacent States, but due to time / travel constraints the fee is usually higher than employing a local appraiser. I would be glad to assist you in locating a qualified appraiser outside my normal territory or if you like for a small additional fee I will go anywhere in the State of Alabama.

Please consider me if you need a certified appraisal. I will give you good service, an affordable fee and a reasonable turnaround time. Call me at 256 572 1565 for a quote on a commercial property. I do not appraise residential properties.

For a residential appraisal I recommend George Brannum at 256 486 7187. He is a Certified Residential appraiser who has over 30 years’ experience in the Alabama market.

As mentioned earlier, I have three web sites that I have developed. Please visit truly good life on which I promote good health and positive thinking. Another is truly good buys on which I promote commercial income properties. Finally I have a site on which I promote internet marketing. I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be a perfect place to learn how to develop information web sites or income producing sites. Wealthy Affiliate is a free site that has an optional premium membership that I have found to be very informative and valuable. It is free, so give it a spin.

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